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Mining companies downplay success of Canadian anti-uranium movement

December 30, 2009

“the doctor thing usually wears a bit thin” “This is strictly a fear campaign. The doctors probably have cottages near the site and don’t want to be bothered.”

Canadian uranium news for December 2009  Idaho Samizdat nuke notes 29 Dec 09 ………….…protest by 23 area physicians who threatened to leave the area. They said a drilling exploration project being operated by Terra Ventures (CVE:TAS) at Lake Kachiwiss 13 km from the town of Sept-lles was a threat to drinking water supplies. (more…)

Uncertain future for uranium industry

December 30, 2009

Right now, there’s a lot of speculation, but exactly how large demand will grow, no one knows.”

Two companies push Uranium mining in region By GARY HARMON/The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel December 27, 2009 Two major international suppliers of uranium, meanwhile, are out of commission temporarily and possibly permanently. The Cigar Lake Mine in Canada flooded, and the Olympic Dam Mine in Australia is out of production because of a shaft accident………………… (more…)

Uranium issues

December 29, 2009

The nuclear cycle has many associated issues.

On this blog we are confining posts to uissues that are directly related to only one aspect of the nuclear cyclde – uranium

Regulatory changes needed for Utah’s depleted uranium storage

December 29, 2009

depleted uranium, a by-product of nuclear fuel enrichment and bomb-making that has the unusual quality of becoming more hazardous over time.

Depleted uranium train arrives at Utah site/ OPEN YOUR EYES NEWS Salt Lake Tribune 29 Dec 09 EnergySolutions Inc. opened its gates Sunday night to the latest shipment of depleted uranium from the Savannah River cleanup site in South Carolina. But the waste won’t be buried just yet, (more…)

Colorado River MIGHT be protected from uranium tailings

December 29, 2009

at Crescent Junction that is deemed less likely to contaminate the river.

16 million tons of uranium mill tailings moving away from Colorado River site By GARY HARMON/The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel December 27, 200
“………About 630,000 tons will have been moved from Moab to the disposal cell near Crescent Junction by year’s end, said Wendee Ryan of the U.S. Department of Energy. (more…)

Russia looking to uranium market in USA

December 29, 2009

Russia sees 2010 uranium deals with U.S. utilities
MOSCOW, Dec 25 (Reuters) by Dmitry Solovyov; Editing by Mike Nesbit- Russia’s state uranium trader Techsnabexport (Tenex) will sign next year at least three deals worth around $1 billion to supply uranium directly to U.S. utilities, Russia’s state nuclear firm Rosatom said on Friday. (more…)

Soldiers were guinea pigs for depleted uranium

December 29, 2009

An Australian royal commission first discovered the use of depleted uranium in atomic tests at Maralinga

Global changes ruining the world September 25, 2009 Human Nuclear Action

UK Admits Soldiers Used in Radiation Experiments The UK Ministry of Defense admitted on 12 May that it exposed British, Australian and New Zealand servicemen to radiation in tests during the 1950s and 1960s. (more…)

Weather problems halt depleted uranium unloading

December 29, 2009

At issue is the unique composition of depleted uraniumm — a byproduct of the process that enriches uranium, in this case from weapons production — that results in the material becoming more radioactive over time.

Weather slows unloading of depleted uranium at EnergySolution By Arthur RaymondDeseret News , Dec. 22, 2009

CLIVE, Tooele County — Blustery weather in Utah’s west desert Tuesday slowed the initial unloading of more than 5,400 barrels of depleted uranium slated for at least temporary storage at EnergySolution’s disposal facility. (more…)

Home still radioactive 100 years later

December 27, 2009

Radioactive waterfront home to be razed Sydney Morning Herald BEN CUBBY ENVIRONMENTDecember 28, 2009 NEW plans to clean up the site of a former uranium smelter in Hunters Hill mean a four-storey waterfront mansion the NSW Government has repeatedly declared safe will be demolished.

In addition, 3000 cubic metres of radioactive earth will be dug out of two neighbouring properties and another 500 cubic metres are likely to be scraped from the harbour floor in front of the site at 11 Nelson Parade, subject to more tests by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

A secretive tendering process for removing the earth, in which bidders were forbidden from visiting the site or talking to neighbours, is under way. No environmental assessment or planning approval has been granted yet. The Herald understands the tests show elevated background radiation levels that in some cases exceed health guidelines, reinforcing results from independent tests last year by a private company, Australian Radiation Services. These showed that in some spots contamination was 350 times normal levels……………

The house was bought back from private owners for $3.4 million in an out-of-court settlement, after the Government said for six months that it was safe.

The clean-up plans are another climbdown for the Government, which maintained for years that the street was safe. Six people who lived in affected properties in the street are known to have died from cancer, ………….

NSW Liberal MP Michael Richardson, who has campaigned for years for a thorough clean-up, said the secrecy of the tendering process was alarming. “I understand the sensitivity of this issue but the people of NSW are entitled to know the full story,” he said.

The documents classify the soil as ”restricted solid waste” but Mr Richardson said some of it should be classified as hazardous waste, which poses a problem for disposal………………

The site was home to a uranium smelter owned by Radium Hill Company from 1908 to 1915. Uranium ore from South Australia was processed for export to Europe for cancer treatments

Radioactive waterfront home in Hunters Hill to be razed

USA to pay $ billions for Russian nuclear fuel

December 26, 2009

Russia sees 2010 uranium deals with U.S. utilities

MOSCOW, Dec 25 (Reuters) by Dmitry Solovyov; Editing by Mike Nesbit- Russia’s state uranium trader Techsnabexport (Tenex) will sign next year at least three deals worth around $1 billion to supply uranium directly to U.S. utilities, Russia’s state nuclear firm Rosatom said on Friday.

Russia has long sought direct deals with U.S. utilities.

Analysts say this would be more profitable for Moscow than the current programme set up in 1993 and aimed to encourage a nation still rebuilding after the Cold War to extract and use fuel from dismantled warheads………….

Without taking into account the “Megatons to Megawatts” programme, Russia’s portfolio of foreign orders for five-year supplies of uranium now stands at more than $8 billion, AtomEnergoProm said.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered the government this week to allocate 14.2 billion roubles ($470.2 million) to Rosatom, which would allow Russia to boost its position on the world nuclear energy market through acquisitions of uranium deposits abroad.

Russia sees 2010 uranium deals with U.S. utilities


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