Four Mile uranium mine – Australia’s nastiest and dirtiest

Leaving aside its nasty little internal squabbles, Australia’s fifth uranium mine Four Mile uranium project in South Australia is without doubt the most striking example of  all that is wrong about Australia’s uranium industry. Well, next door, is Beverley mine – equally bad. But they’re practically the same, in that they are both practically owned by USA’s General Atomics. Neal Blue is the chairman of Quasar Resources, which is affiliated with General Atomics, a major United States weapons and nuclear energy corporation. He is CEO of Heathgate Resources.  a 100 per cent-owned subsidiary of General Atomics (GA) which owns Beverley uranium mine. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors for General Atomics

General Atomics has a murky history  It develops nuclear technologies including arms manufacture. Especially those Predator drones which kill anybody that the Pentagon thinks is “suspicious” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Neal Blue was one of the designers of Predator. At its uranium processing plant on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma, General Atomics for years covered up radioactive water and gas leaks.

General Atomic has spent $thousands’ lobbying and ferrying of  USA politicians to Australia, , and Australian  federal and state politicians to USA . In 2000 Heathgate applauded police brutality against environmentalists and local Aboriginal people. An online video clip details this brutality. the police action (in a 2000 media release which is no longer available online). After a 10-year legal case, 10 people were awarded a total of $700,000 damages.

General Atomics flew a group from the US Congress to Australia, accompanied by company executives, to persuade the Federal Government to buy the company’s Predator unmanned aircraft

As well as its interest in unmanned spy planes, General Atomics has employed human spies. In 2008 it was caught hiring a former undercover police officer turned private investigator to infiltrate Australian environment groups and report on their actions.

In 2008 General Atomics and Neal Blue were  sued for fraudulently hiking uranium prices and manipulating costs. In the settlement One of General Atomics’s customers, Exelon, received $US41 million from the company. It is estimated Mr Blue made $US200 million by breaking the contracts and selling uranium on the spot market

Heathgate Resources  have been promoting the view that low-level radiation is beneficial, and funding the Australian visits of people like Dr Doug  Dr Boreham prepared to promote those views.

Heathgate is not required to clean up  Four Mile uranium mine. and there is no requirement it decontaminate the  Beverley site when mining ceases. Christina Macpherson 25 Oct 12,

Go-ahead for disputed uranium joint venture BY: BARRY FITZGERALD From: The Australian October 25, 2012THE much-delayed Four Mile uranium project in South Australia – a joint venture between ASX-listed Alliance Resources (25 per cent) and US group Heathgate (75 per cent) – is finally being developed.


It will be Australia’s fifth uranium mine and comes as the Gillard government begins work on agreements to sell uranium to India.

Shares in Alliance, 25.8 per cent owned by Ian Gandel’s Abbotsleigh,
shot 55 per cent higher to 29.5c on news of the go-ahead.

That was despite plans for Four Mile to start at a much smaller scale
than Alliance would have preferred – a situation that underpins
ongoing litigation between the partners in the joint venture….. as
given environmental clearance by former anti-uranium activist Peter
Garrett when he was federal environment minister in 2009.

Squabbling between the partners over the best way to develop the
resource delayed a go-ahead decision. Heathgate’s operating subsidiary
Quasar wanted to use its processing facilities at the nearby Beverley
uranium operations, while Alliance pushed for a stand-alone operation
on a larger scale…..

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