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10 key male mistakes: Why do men get sick more than women?

10 key male mistakes: Why do men get sick more than women?

Men get sick more often than women in almost every country in the world! Whatever the problem of men is just getting sick often, their lifespan is shorter than women. According to today’s article by Osman Müftüoülu, there are “10 important male mistakes” in the background of these two unlucky ones. Here are those mistakes …

1) They consume more alcohol and cigarettes.
2) The risks of encountering occupational accidents are higher than women due to their carelessness and imprudence.
3) They make more accidents in traffic than women.
4) Since they do not pay attention to protection, they get sexually transmitted diseases more frequently.
5) Sleep problems are more common in men and last longer.
6) Insulin resistance is also more common in men than in women.
7) The problem of lack of activity is also a very important problem for men.
8) The spiritual aspects and wealth of faith of men are also much weaker than women.
9) They spend less time resting than women, and they don’t know how to rest well.
10) They have a genetic and metabolic structure more prone to arteriosclerosis.

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