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10 misconceptions about corona virus

10 misconceptions about corona virus

It has been exactly a year since the Corona virus entered our lives. There has been a lot of misinformation about the virus for a long time. Prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu listed 10 known mistakes in corona virus.

Okay, “natural healing” with the power of onion and garlic, the richness of allicin and quartz, but it would be wrong to just tender them a serious job like corona antivirus. Especially eating 4-5 cloves of garlic and 2-3 raw onions every day is considered a betrayal of the stomach and social relations! If you are sick, is it certain that you have received or spread corona virus? Then eat both comfortably. In this way, those who do not like your scent stay away from you, and as a result, they have the opportunity to be protected from the virus.
It is true that pickles, especially a pickle feast rich in cabbage, cucumber, garlic, onion, will strengthen your immunity thanks to its probiotic richness. However, it is difficult to guarantee that this natural power will protect you from a possible corona virus attack. Consume moderate amounts, but don’t overdo it by thinking about your stomach.
It is true, any hand cleaner (eg cologne) containing 60 percent or more alcohol will instantly destroy the viruses on your hand. However, virus death by “alcohol” is only valid for hand cleaning. Thinking of killing viruses by drinking alcohol, rather than cleaning hands, is extremely dangerous. When it comes to virus infection, absolutely avoid alcohol.
Yes to gargle with “salt water” (even without salt), but no to gargle with water with “chlorine dioxide” or gargle with “vinegar”! Natural mouthwashes that you make regularly and at frequent intervals benefit by “mechanical cleaning”. However, when “risky chemicals” such as chlorine dioxide enter the circuit, things immediately become risky.
Drinking regular water is a reasonable and appropriate advice that ensures you don’t get dehydrated, but it doesn’t work when it comes to “protection from corona viruses”. Especially, keeping this water at “high temperature” and injuring the mouth and throat mucosa by burning can damage the place of benefit. Sip lukewarm water at frequent intervals, but do this not to “send viruses to the stomach and kill them with stomach acid”, but not to stay dehydrated and to support your immunity.
The recommendation to “drink silver water and destroy corona viruses” is an unfounded American dream. The source of the recommendation is already a naive and well-intentioned TV showman from the USA. Let alone the benefit of drinking colloidal silver liquid, it can have serious toxic effects. It can cause serious damage to your kidneys and skin.
FALSE 7: I NEED TO SIP HOT DRINKS Corona virus does not like “high temperature”. However, because excessively hot beverages burn and scorch the mouth and throat area, they destroy the “protective epithelial layer” and “preventive immune secretions”, so they can do you more harm than good. In short, neither drinking hot water nor thinking about enjoying hot herbal teas does not care much for corona viruses. On the contrary, it can increase their enjoyment. If you plan to make use of hot water, my advice is: Wash your towels and sheets with hot water of 60 degrees and above, this precaution may work.
This is a complete nonsense and false polish advice. It doesn’t matter whether they are head soup, chicken broth soup, tomato soup, pumpkin or tarhana soup, each of the soups is good for us. However, never and never confusing the healing issue with the drug issue makes it compulsory to stop “playing to the stands” and look at scientific data on such a serious issue.
No, it’s not enough! The mask will not protect you from catching the virus. Only if you are sick can prevent you from transmitting the virus to others. Trust hand hygiene, not the mask. Keep your hands clean, not your mask.
This is an important mistake. “Protects from bacteria!” Do not think that most of the so-called antiseptics, disinfectants and germicidal agents marketed as a rigorous “water-soap cleaning” can protect your hands more. Let’s repeat: Wash your hands carefully with plenty of soapy water, rubbing thoroughly.

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