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100 thousand tourists a year coming to Turkey for dental treatment

Dişsiad in a statement given to the views of the Flies, highlighting the significant investments realized in the last 10 years, Turkey’s health tourism destination, “health tourism was in the 25 percent average growth performance of the last five years.

In the pandemic year, the growth momentum naturally started to decline, but we expect an acceleration in 2021 with the continuation of vaccination and the start of international flights in the coming days. We expect to exceed 2019 figures in 2021 transaction volumes.

Erkan Uçar, President of the Association of Dental Materials Industrialists and Businessmen (DİŞSİAD)
Erkan Uçar, President of the Association of Dental Materials Industrialists and Businessmen (DİŞSİAD)

Turkey for their dental treatment in 2020, which he described as the world’s lost year the number of foreigners who prefer found 100 thousand. “We estimate that this figure will increase by at least 15 percent this year if the world returns to its old normal gradually.”


Uçar shared the following information about the details of health tourists’ treatments:

“Our country has many advantages in terms of health tourism. Being a tourism country, having advanced technologies and trained dentists in the field of dentistry, and price advantages in treatments are the main reasons for our country’s preference.

In terms of treatment preferences, we see that there are aesthetic dental filling, whitening, implant, orthodontics, aesthetic lamina, smile aesthetics and dental prostheses. Technological developments in the last 10 years in the field of dentistry and the rapid adaptation of our country’s dentists to the renewed and developing technologies have made our country’s dentistry come to the fore in the world.

satisfaction rate of visitors to Turkey for dental treatment has reached 90 percent of cases. However, our 2023 health tourism target is 10 billion dollars. We foresee that the dental field will reach a size of 2.5 billion dollars accordingly.

Only the European Union countries allocate $ 75 billion to oral and dental health. When we add the Gulf region, Russia and Turkic Republics to these, it is seen how important health tourism and dental health tourism are in terms of our exports.

When it comes to health tourism in our country, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Erzurum and Yalova are the prominent cities for today. In terms of dental health tourism, especially Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and Muğla are at the forefront. “


Turkey’s health tourism sector in Ucar striking among the first 10 countries in the world, “Forbes comes at the beginning of the health tourism sector which, according to the high growth in the 5-year projections. The transaction volume of the sector increases by an average of 24 percent each year.

As we continue our work in Turkey without a break us in this direction is very important. When we look at the world in general, our country is among the top 10 countries in terms of health tourism. The prominent countries in our region in terms of dental health are Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. The growth of health tourism is directly proportional to the growth of our domestic production share. ” found in the description.


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