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29 more drugs added to reimbursement list

The Social Security Institution (SGK) added 29 more drugs to the reimbursement list.

Minister Selçuk, in a written statement, SSIHe stated that new regulations were published on the website of.

Stating that 24 of the 29 drugs included in the reimbursement list by the Social Security Institution are domestic production, Selçuk said, “With this addition in our Social Security Institution, The total number of medicines paid for has reached 9,37“made the explanation.

Regarding the details of the 29 new drugs included in the reimbursement list, Selçuk provided the following information:

“1 anticoagulant drug, 4 dementia drugs, 2 enteral nutrition products, 1 hypertension drug, 2 immunoglobulins, 1 muscle relaxant, 1 eye ointment, 2 mouthwashes, 2 drugs used in the treatment of psoriasis, 6 antibiotics, 2 cold medicines, 2 asthma medicines , 1 medical food, 2 vitamins. “

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