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3rd dose vaccination started in Turkey: Here are the 5 questions asked

3rd dose vaccination started in Turkey: Here are the 5 questions asked

Within the scope of the fight against Corona virus, a new phase has been passed in Turkey today. In this context, people over the age of 50 and healthcare workers will be able to receive their third dose of vaccine. The ‘reminder vaccine’ will be applied to those who have been vaccinated at least 3 months after the second dose. At this stage, the choice of vaccination will be left to the citizens. Here is the 3rd dose vaccination process in 5 questions…

The 3rd dose vaccination has started in Turkey as of today.
The statement was made by the Minister of Health Fahrettin after the Scientific Committee meeting yesterday. 3rd dose reminder vaccine; It was defined to the system for people over 50 years old and health workers. Click to make an appointment
So, why is the third dose of vaccine necessary, when will the reminder doses be given to those who have had Covid-19? Here is the ‘third dose’ vaccination process in 5 questions…
Vaccines called reminder, booster or “booster” doses are administered in order to increase the antibody rate that decreases after a certain period of time and to bring it back to its previous level.
In order for the antibody against Covid-19 to be fully formed, 2 doses of vaccine are given at certain intervals, while the third dose is recommended as a reminder, since the antibody formed by the vaccine reduces its effect after 6 months. In this way, it is stated that the body will gain resistance against the corona virus as the antibody level will increase again.
The third dose of vaccination will begin primarily for healthcare workers and citizens over 50 who have received two doses. In this context, elderly citizens staying in nursing homes will also be vaccinated.
According to the information obtained, the third dose vaccination appointments of the people in this group will be opened 3 months after the two doses of vaccination. There will be no change in this period for those who have the CoronaVac or BioNTech vaccine.
The Ministry of Health plans to continue the third dose of vaccine after these groups with other age groups. Pfizer announced the effectiveness of its vaccine against the Delta variant (Click)
There was no restriction or priority for which type of vaccine the third dose of vaccine would be given. In this context, citizens and health workers will be able to get the vaccine they want as the third dose, regardless of which vaccine they have had in the first two doses.
Citizens will be able to learn the status of the third dose vaccine from their e-Nabız account or by sending a text message (SMS) to 2023. For vaccination, citizens will be able to make an appointment via the Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS), e-Pulse account or Alo 182, and will go to the health institution where they made an appointment when the date comes.
On the other hand, as a result of the evaluation made on the subject of “When will those who have COVID-19 get vaccinated” at yesterday’s meeting of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee, a change was made in the practice of defining the right to vaccination after 6 months have passed from the disease.
Accordingly, citizens who have had the disease can receive the vaccine as a reminder dose 3 months after the disease. It is stated that this application will significantly increase the current antibody level and protection. In addition, citizens who have the first dose of the BioNTech vaccine will be able to make an appointment for their second dose 4 weeks later.

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