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“67 percent of healthcare professionals have been subjected to violence at least once” – Health News

Family, Labor and Social Services and the Ministry financed “Social Services and Health Industry Workplace Investigation of Violence and Prevention Project” Self Health Workers Union of Turkey by violence research on the health of the general was made.

Turkey with the participation of general health workers from eight thousand to 1 in the survey conducted between August-October 2020, the health workers were reached important conclusions regarding the frequency of exposure to violence.

According to these results, 67 percent of the respondents have experienced some form of violence at least once while on duty. Verbal violence came first among these, followed by psychological violence, physical violence and sexual violence.


76.6 percent of the healthcare workers who stated that they were exposed to physical violence stated that they experienced this violence from their relatives.

The healthcare professionals who were most severely abused were listed as emergency medical technicians, medical secretaries, patient care workers, medical documentation officers, security guards, nurses and ambulance drivers.

Most of those who stated that they were subjected to violence stated that they were subjected to violence on Mondays, and it was concluded that the violence incidents increased during the night hours.

While 69.7 percent of the respondents stated that they have started to see violence in health as usual, 30.3 percent stated that they do not find it normal under any circumstances.

84 percent of the healthcare professionals exposed to violence stated that they constantly experienced anxiety, fear and alertness, which negatively affected their work efficiency.

87.5 percent of the participants think that violence against healthcare workers can be prevented.


State Sert, President of Öz Sağlık-İş Union, said that the study was conducted to determine the situation of violence against healthcare workers, to contribute to the creation of their own violence policies and to shed light on the legislation through academic studies.

Stating that there is no worker-officer distinction in violence against healthcare workers, violence is a common problem of all healthcare professionals and healthcare workplace workers, Sert said:

“Violence is an important problem that endangers the life safety of all employees and decreases their work efficiency without noticing the workers or civil servants in health institutions. A detailed research was needed to solve this problem. The ‘Violence against Healthcare Professionals Research’ It was one of the great studies.

The infrastructure for the acceptance of the Convention No. 190 on ‘Elimination of Violence and Harassment at Workplaces’ adopted by the ILO in 2019 will also be provided by our research.

We ask the authorities to consider this research that reveals the gravity of violence against healthcare professionals. As a union, our priority is to ensure that our members and all healthcare workers have life safety and appropriate working conditions.


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