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7 March 2021 corona virus table: 65 casualties, 11 thousand 187 new cases

Daily corona virus table…

129 thousand 299 in Turkey in the last 24 hours Kovid-19 test was performed, 11 thousand 187 people Kovid-19 tested positive, 65 people lost their lives.

Daily Turkey Coronavirus Table, “is” was shared by the address.

Accordingly, 129 thousand 299 Kovid-19 tests were carried out in the last 24 hours, 11 thousand 187 people tested positive, 65 people died, the number of patients was 735.

In the last 24 hours, the number of 7 thousand 785 people recovering with the end of the Kovid-19 treatment or quarantine increased to 2 million 623 thousand 924.

The number of tests reached 34 million 122 thousand 851. The number of cases was 2 million 780 thousand 417, the number of deaths was 29 thousand 30, the number of seriously ill patients was 1261.

According to weekly data, this week, the rate of pneumonia in patients is 3.6 percent, the bed occupancy rate is 49.1 percent, the adult intensive care occupancy rate is 63.2 percent, the ventilator occupancy rate is 28.3 percent, the average contact detection time is 8 hours, the radiation rate is percent. It was recorded as 99.9.

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