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852 out of 1 million 300 thousand people with the second dose of vaccine caught Covid-19 – Health News

Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Dean, Head of Public Health Department, Social Sciences member Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan made evaluations regarding the vaccination against the corona virus.

Prof. Dr. Ilhan, on the occurrence of the first corona virus cases in Turkey one year later indicated that, 2 million more than 800 thousand people throughout this process that the corona caught a virus, also said he killed were more than 29 thousand.

Prof. Dr. Ilhan, “Here, we have lost our important 29 thousand c. Corona virus world, affecting in this world figures are very negative situation. Turkey, a relatively corona is among the best countries in the virus control when you look at. We’ve lost 29 thousand citizens, but we did not get adequate treatment and prevention of these figures very He said it could go up higher.


Prof. Dr. Ilhan, corona stating that the two methods in the fight against the virus, “Someone virus never get caught, physical distance, taking care valve mask and hygiene. We have a vaccine addition. Began vaccination since World 2020 autumn. We started vaccination at the beginning of January as the Republic of Turkey. since the first vaccination in Turkey, where we arrived late at exactly 2 months counted. these have made 10 million 400 thousand more than the vaccine in the 2-month period. 2 million 600 thousand at their second dose. to about 700-800 thousand in other words, the health of our employees If we foresee that we vaccinated at the second dose, this means that we have vaccinated about 1 million 800 thousand of us older than 65 years old. We will switch to the second group very soon.


Prof. Dr. Referring to the importance of the vaccine, İlhan made evaluations about the people who reached the level of ‘immune’ two weeks after the second dose.

Prof. Dr. İlhan said, “Two weeks after two doses of corona virus vaccine, only 852 of our 1 million 300 thousand citizens, which we can define as immune, were diagnosed with the disease, only 53 of them were hospitalized, among them only 5 people in intensive care 3 out of 5 people were discharged. None of them were intubated, they were not killed. It is very important that the vaccine is really effective. The aim of the vaccine is to prevent people from getting serious illnesses. It does not happen, does not intubate, does not lose their lives. All citizens are vaccinated without hesitation. He said, “It will make a very serious contribution to the leu.”

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