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After the first dose of vaccine, the vaccine is applied to those who catch the corona virus.

Antalya Provincial Health Director Ünal Hulur, the corona virus vaccine your first dose get virus again after it happens second dose of vaccine that they will not be 180 days later He reported that two doses of vaccine were administered again at specified intervals.

Previously received from China-2 inactivated SARS-CoV Sinovac, also from Germany as of April mRNA technology biontech / Pfizer continues implementation of vaccine in all of Turkey. The Covid-19 vaccine, which was made as of April 10, approached 19 million. Nearly 11 million citizens received the first dose, and nearly 8 million citizens received the second dose.


Antalya Provincial Health Director Ünal Hulur stated that there were rare citizens who were positive after the first dose of the corona virus vaccine. Indicating that the second dose phase of vaccination could not be initiated in such a case, Hulur said, “If positive is detected after the first vaccine, the system of our ministry on E-pulse gives the message that it is not in the priority group for vaccination.

It runs a 180-day calendar after 10 days of recovery for those who are positive. At the end of 180 days, the vaccination can be given again and it goes back to the beginning. That person has to get two doses of vaccine again. “A person who is currently 60 years old but positive 1 month ago is warned that he cannot be vaccinated because he is in the priority group for vaccination but has had Covid-19 before.”

Hilir added that citizens should wait patiently for this process to end without leaving the measures.


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