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AstraZeneca is 79 percent effective – health news

New results regarding the effectiveness rate of the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford came from the USA. Together with the data in Peru and Chile, it was determined that the vaccine was 79 percent effective.

The use of the AstraZeneca – Oxford vaccine has been suspended in at least 22 countries over the past weeks on the grounds that it causes blood clotting.

Later, in the statement made by the World Health Organization, it was stated that the vaccine was safe and there was no connection between the vaccine and blood clotting. After the announcement, the vaccine was used again.

While all these discussions were ongoing, the details of the vaccine were shared with the public following the researches conducted in the USA.

Studies conducted in the USA revealed that the effect of the vaccine on the disease was 79 percent.

It was noted that the vaccine affected the rates of being taken into intensive care and having the disease 100 percent.

In the study consisting of 300 volunteers, 20 thousand people were vaccinated. It was stated that placebo was applied to the rest and the results were announced today.

According to the information obtained, volunteers from Chile and Peru were also included in the research.

In the statement made by AstraZeneca today, it was stated that the new data and analysis will continue and it is being prepared for application to the FDA.

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