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“Astroturf” warning from experts: It can cause sudden death – Health News

The astro pitches, where football fans sweat as an amateur and it is almost impossible to find an empty hour before the corona virus epidemic, were closed to service for precautionary purposes after the epidemic. During this period, many amateur football lovers carpet pitchesstayed away from.

Most sports fans, who played one or even two matches a week before the cautionary decisions, spent their time at home leaving behind this movement pattern that their bodies are accustomed to.

Last week, after the number of corona virus cases decreased, the closed astro pitches were put into service again, provided that they were open until 19.00. Football fans who have not been able to play a football field match for months have also booked their places in order not to miss the limited appointment hours.

Stating that pursuing sports as an amateur is a beneficial thing for the human body, it is necessary to pay attention when doing sports that require high effort, such as a football field match, Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine Cardiology Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Çağlar Emre Çağlayan made important warnings to astroturf fans.

“MAY CAUSE Sudden Deaths”

Emphasizing that the mitigation of epidemic measures should not act with the thought that the pandemic is over, Assoc. Dr. Çağlayan stated that it is necessary to act by always considering the existence and effects of the corona virus. Noting that sports fans should also do sports without disregarding certain things with the lifting of the restrictions, Çağlayan said, “One of these sports is astroturf matches. Astroturf operators may not like this saying, but we, as a cardiology team, do not look favorably on astroturf sports.

The most important reason for this is that middle-aged and older people go to the astro pitch and participate in competitive matches without training. “If a person whose body is not used to sports or who has not done sports for a long time suddenly plays such a match, he may experience fatal heart rhythm disorders, heart attack, even sudden death.”


Emphasizing that his warnings are not a call to people to “do not do sports, do not go to the carpet field”, Çağlayan underlined that sports will not harm human health as long as it is done consciously. Saying that the only issue is to prepare the body for sports beforehand, Çağlayan said, “Not only on astro pitches, check your body before any sports activity. Do not start without being ready. It is beneficial to start by knowing the rhythm and endurance of the body. Warming up before the match is vital. “We need to be cautious as we are used to inactivity during the pandemic process.”

They were tired early

Mete Şimşek (26), who stated that he had paused the football field matches for a long time during the pandemic process and that he was happy to play football again, said that they had difficulty running in the first place and some of his friends were tired in the 15th minute of the match and almost stopped running.


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