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“At the end of the third peak, mass immunity will reach 70 percent” – Health News

Erciyes University (ERÜ) Head of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department Prof. Dr. Orhan Yıldız said that corona virus patients who are currently being treated in intensive care units are mostly young patients, and this is due to the British mutant.

Noting that they follow the UK mutant very transparently, Yıldız emphasized that the transmission level of this variant is very high, “The person carrying the disease saves the corona virus from the disease by transmitting 2 people, this rate is very high. Previously, it was 1.4, now it has increased to 2. “The British mutant has become to affect the younger population. This is the most troubling point. In the two peaks, patients aged 50 and over were affected more. Now more young people are affected by the virus. It is mild in children, but they make young parents sick,” he said.


Is from China of society half in Turkey infected with the original virus expressing Stars, “the British variant is another Brazil and South Africa variants as compared to we British mutants much more infectious. Some data reaches us in the form can escape from the vaccine from and tested. Serious of Brazil and South Africa variant I do not think the African mutant will be a problem. The first two peaks in our country were the virus from China. Those who did not get the disease in the previous peak period, were caught by the British mutant at the rate of 85-90 percent. The second time sickness does not stop us as a very serious cause. Around two per thousand. He was infected with the original virus and survived. The remaining 20-30 percent of the mass will experience the disease during this peak period. When the mass immunity reaches 70 percent, the infection does not disappear, “he said.


Prof. Dr. Yildiz, also evaluating the immune rates of the disease, “My guess is that when the peak period ends, 70 percent of the mass will be immunized. The average herd immunity limit was 67 percent; this limit will be reached. At the end of May, we will see that the number of cases will decrease rapidly. Corona virus infection may be likely to end. “Like the flu, we run away from previous vaccines with a serious mutation every year and we face a new corona virus infection. Therefore, we may have to be vaccinated every year. I think that the 4th peak period is not possible, based on our own study.

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