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‘Back-up list’ recommendation from Scientific Committee member İlhan to risk of vaccine waste – health news

Stating that vaccines are wasteful as a result of not attending appointments, Ministry of Health Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan, a ‘reserve list’ proposal came.

BioNTech The possibility of the vaccine going to the garbage caused concern because of those who did not have an appointment for the vaccine. Ministry of Health Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan, reminding that some information about BioNTech vaccine has emerged about the recent waste, “There are 6 doses of vaccine from a bottle. When planning these 6 doses, 6 people are planned. Let’s say 60 people have made an appointment, when we come to the end of the day. 58 people came. Then we may face some trouble for those 2 doses, “he said.


Prof. Dr. Ilhan suggested that reserve lists could be created in order to prevent possible waste, and said, “If there are volunteers who want to be vaccinated, close people can be called from those in the priority risk group, or from whatever age group, so that possible waste can be prevented. ”

Stating that this is not as much as thought or said in this situation, İlhan added the following to his words:

“Six-by-six appointments are made at a certain hour, and people are vaccinated after that. The BioNTech vaccine is administered in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health. Since the demand for the Ministry of Health’s hospitals is already too high, let’s say our citizens made an appointment at 09.30, 6 people are given an appointment, even if it will be in 3 rooms, nothing changes, after the vaccine is opened, the other citizen comes there, the other one comes and the vaccination period is completed, “he said.


Prof. Dr. İlhan called on the citizens to comply with vaccination appointments and said, “At the end of the day, for example, if an appointment is not made and not come, it can sometimes be difficult to reach 6 people in the evening, so maybe 1 or 2 doses of waste may be in question. It would be the right approach not to eat the rights of others and to have their own vaccinations on time. It is possible to prevent this with the reserve list “.


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