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Bird flu alert in Algeria: state of emergency declared

After the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) announced the presence of avian flu on a farm in northeast Algeria, a health emergency (OHAL) decision was made in the country.

Algerian Agriculture Minister Abdulhamid Hamdani told reporters, “The source of this virus is migratory birds and as long as the situation continues, we have alerted all regions in anticipation of an emergency.

Hamdani noted that the Ayn Fakrun region, where the virus appeared, was taken under control and a unit was created to monitor the situation.

In the statement on the site of the Paris-based OIE, according to the report from the Algerian Ministry of Agriculture, it was announced that the high pathogen type “H5N8” avian influenza virus region emerged in a poultry farm in the Ayn Fakrun region of Um al-Bevaki.

It was reported that 50,000 poultry died in the region due to bird flu, and 1,200 poultry were culled.

It was reported that the area was isolated to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

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