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Black fungus epidemic in India: The number of cases exceeded 40 thousand – Health News

The Indian Ministry of Health announced that more than 40,800 people in the country have had black fungus (mucormycosis) disease so far.

According to the news in the Indian press, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan reported that black fungus has been detected in 40,845 people to date, about 85 percent of these people have been diagnosed with Covid-19 before, and 64 percent have diabetes.

Vardhan stated that 3 thousand 129 people have died due to black fungus so far.

Experts point out that mucormycosis, which is caught by those who survived Covid-19 and called “black fungus” among the people, can be fatal in some cases.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) shared the information that diabetic patients are at high risk of contracting black fungus infection.

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