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Bonsai has been replaced by met: Turkey is no longer a bridge, but a user country

Turkey, the target of poison dealers, ranks second in methamphetamine-related deaths across Europe. European Drug Report The last painting that came out with Prof. Dr. Kültegin Ögel commented.

Having worked on the treatment of addicts for many years at AMATEM and then at ÇEMATEM, he is now the Director of the Addiction Center of the Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital. Dr. Ögel shared the latest situation in the drug addiction curve in Turkey based on the results of the European Drug Report.

According to the news of Mert Inan from Milliyet, Prof. Dr. Ögel stated that the research data in the field coincide with the data of the EU Drug Office. Covid-19 Pointing out that there was a decrease in drug use in 2020, which is considered the first period of the epidemic, but the increase curve continued in 2021, Prof. Dr. Ögel said, “Unfortunately, Turkey is no longer a transit or bridge, but a user country. In many of our cities, we see young people falling into the trap of methamphetamine poison,” he said.


In Turkey heroin Stating that there is an increase in the use of opiates, Ögel said, “We will see serious increases in the consumption of poison derivatives in the form of drugs, which we call synthetic opiates, in the coming period. In the USA, synthetic opiate addiction and death rates are increasing significantly. There will be waves of spread from this country.”

bonsai consumption has decreased as a result of successful operation, media support and warnings, but methamphetamine Stating that the increase in the use of poison continues, Prof. Dr. Ögel said, “Although death rates seem to be decreasing in Turkey according to the European drug report, unfortunately we are in the top three in drug-related youth deaths. There is a big change in drug use in Turkey. The bonsai scourge has been replaced by methamphetamine, which addicts define as ‘met’,” he said.


Emphasizing that Istanbul, Adana and Ankara are cities with a high number of drug addicts, Ögel said, “The worst districts and districts in Istanbul stand out as Esenyurt, Küçükçekmece, Sefaköy, Yenibosna, Pendik and Tuzla. Esenyurt is the most problematic residential area in Istanbul. The biggest problem right now is the explosion in methamphetamine use. This poison, in the form of crystalline powder, is neurotoxic and damages dopamine and serotonin neurons in the brain. We see mental illness and collapse of brain functions in all addicts,” he said.

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