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Case drop in Eskişehir, pleasing healthcare professionals

Çetinkaya said, “This downward trend is very good for us. As the number of cases decreases, the rates of coming to intensive care are starting to decrease gradually. This affects our pace of work a lot. We have witnessed many times in the struggle of people with Covid. It is really a terrible thing to be without oxygen, to drown without being submerged in water when there is no problem in the place where it stands.

We are very affected psychologically. Thanks to the vaccines, the average age of the cases started to decrease as our elderly population was vaccinated. It saddens us that young people’s illness is getting worse. I think that people without masks and social distancing should only spend a day here. People here need to see their oxygen starvation, how they fight this disease. “I think they will not be able to understand this easily without seeing it.”

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