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Challenging vaccine study in the coldest place

Challenging vaccine study in the coldest place

Vaccination studies continue in the Çaldıran district of Van, despite the cold weather and harsh winter conditions. For citizens over the age of 65 who receive home healthcare services or cannot go to the hospital due to health problems, healthcare teams overcome the profitable roads and provide Covid-19 vaccine to what they reach. The teams working in Yücelen District, which is about 35 kilometers from the district, said that they continued the vaccination application without interruption despite all geographical conditions.

Health teams conducting vaccination studies within the scope of combating corona virus in Van reach rural citizens even in adverse weather conditions and apply Covid-19 vaccines.
While vaccination studies of citizens aged 65 and over are continuing against the corona virus epidemic in the center of Van and 13 districts, those who receive home healthcare services or cannot leave their homes due to health problems are vaccinated at home by health teams.
Turkey, one of the coldest settlements and 9 January 1990, 46.4 degrees below zero with Çaldıran 110 kilometers from the town of Van, where the lowest temperature measured to date and takes the work out of their neighborhoods.
In the district, where difficult geographical conditions prevail, healthcare workers occasionally go to places where vehicles cannot reach in snow-covered areas and apply Covid-19 vaccines.
The teams that went to the Yücelen District of the district made Covid-19 vaccines for those who could not go to the hospital to be vaccinated.
Doctor Kemal Yılmaz (26) from Çaldıran District Health Directorate stated that they work in a difficult geography and said, “We came to the Yücelen neighborhood of Çaldıran district for vaccination work. The weather conditions are really difficult. There is snow and it makes our cold job very difficult. But this health is health. we have to bring our service citizens. They need us citizens. especially because of the house to the roads snow covered and we are forced to go to that house as necessarily pedestrians. we are trying to reach this way the citizens. here, Çaldıran district, one of Turkey’s coldest places. in January 9, 1990 The temperature measured minus 46.4. Geographical conditions require this, we have nothing to do, “he said.
The vaccinated elderly people thanked the healthcare teams working in difficult winter conditions. Şükrü Batmazlar (62), the husband of the paralyzed Nazi Batmazlar (79) living in the Yücelen District, stated that her husband could not go to be vaccinated due to health problems, and thanked the healthcare teams who came to their homes and vaccinated.

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