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Children aged 12-15 can be used with favipiravir

The Ministry of Health changed the Kovid-19 Pediatric Patient Management and Treatment Guide.

Favipiravir It was previously used in the treatment of children 15 years and older with Covid-19. Use of favipiravir after the change is made between the ages of 12-15 childIt has also been made to cover.

Accordingly, favipiravir can be used with the consent form in the treatment of children with Covid-19 between the ages of 12-15. Another change was made in the section for children with risk factors.

Underlying immunodeficiency or immunosuppressive drug intake, chronic diseases stated as risk factors in this section, β€œIn childhood; cerebral palsy, neurological development problems, obesity, genetic syndromes (trisomy 21), cardiopulmonary disease and immunocompromised children and adolescents.

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