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China approves more widespread use of a Covid-19 vaccine

According to the news of Xinhua, it was reported that the single-dose Recombinant vaccine was approved for widespread use, in a statement made by the Chinese National Medicines Administration.

The recombinant was noted to be China’s first adenovirus-based vaccine developed by a research team led by Chen Wei, a researcher at the Chinese Military Medical Institute.

It was stated that the recombinant vaccine can be applied to those over the age of 18 and can be transported and stored at 2-8 degrees Celsius.

According to reports in the Chinese press, the vaccine is 65.7 percent effective in preventing symptomatic cases and 90.98 percent effective in reducing the severity of the disease.

In addition to the CoronVac vaccine produced by Sinovac, China had previously conditionally approved Covid-19 vaccines from private company CanSino Biologics and public company Sinopharm for widespread use. The vaccine called Ad5-nCoV has also been approved for emergency use in the military by the Health Services Bureau under the Central Military Commission of China since June 2020.

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