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‘Complete closure’ statement from the Scientific Board member

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Public Health Specialist and Member of the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Prof. Dr. Levent AkınWhile the number of daily cases in corona virus increased to the band of 40 thousand, he evaluated whether the ‘full shutdown’ measure was necessary.

Akın stated that the complete closure is to prevent people from leaving their homes for a certain period, not just at the weekend.

Prof. Dr. Levent Akın said:

“In the meantime, sometimes you can give social support. In full closure, maybe a limited period of shopping times may be allowed. You encounter such an increase in cases that you risk exceeding the bed capacities of your hospitals or you observe more than expected increases in death rates. and even before you can cure, there is loss of people; in this case, complete closure may be necessary. But we need to think carefully about the criteria for complete closure. Complete closure is very severe for people living in the country. Therefore, first of all, we have to ask ourselves not to come to this stage. Individuals in the society should take precautions to protect themselves. ”


Prof. Dr. Akin, noting that the number of patients in hospitals is increasing now, “I have not heard of a place that cannot accept patients until now, but we have a chance to hear this after a few days. Because the cases increase so much, they apply to hospitals. Certainly, there are various reasons for this. Currently, the hospital capacity is going to take away, but after 1 week, 10 days or even 15 days following the increase in our cases, our hospital capacities start to load. This is one of the very important things. Our hospital capacity will increase at this rate on the 15th. Consequently, we may have severe cases and unfortunately we have lost. Therefore, it is now the turn to take precautions. I karşılaşmayal or heavy table. Turkey has so far seen such heavy table, “he said.


Akin, also of the vaccine mask, expressing the need to comply with distance and cleaning rules, “Vaccination is in any event mask, distance and need to comply with the rules of hygiene. If we had 100 million doses of vaccine use could that 50 million people of vaccines is we greatly the burden of the disease in Turkey Do not we see patients; we see patients, we also see those who are hospitalized, we also see those who are in intensive care; but at least we do not face a burden that will block the system and prevent the sustainability of health services. “he spoke.


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