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“Continue to wear a mask” warning from WHO after vaccination

World Health Organization (DSÖ) Spokesperson Margaret Harris, new type corona virus Stating that a mask should be worn after getting the (Covid-19) vaccine, he said, “What we want is to reduce the transmission of (the virus). Therefore, we do not know (yet) whether the vaccines will prevent transmission.”

Harris answered questions about the Covid-19 outbreak at the regular weekly press conference held at the UN Geneva Office.

“Current vaccines are very good at preventing serious illness or death in case of infection,” said Harris, emphasizing that those who have received two doses of the vaccine should continue to wear a mask.

“What we want is to reduce transmission (of the virus). So we don’t know (yet) whether vaccines will prevent transmission. So, wearing your mask is about preventing transmission when you’re in close contact, in a crowd, or in a confined space, and where you can’t get out of that confined space,” Harris said. he said.

Pointing out that wearing a mask will reduce the risk of transmission of variants of Covid-19, Harris pointed out that wearing a mask alone would not be enough to prevent the spread of the virus.

Harris underlined that all general public health measures should be followed, such as following social distancing rules, avoiding crowds and closed spaces, taking every precaution when going out, and ventilating rooms.

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