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Corona virus ‘cold weather’ effect on the increase in cases – health news

Ankara City Hospital Emergency Medicine Clinic Administrative and Training Officer Prof. Dr. Hakan Oguzturk, increasing corona virus made an assessment of the cases. Oğuztürk stated that despite the increase in the number of daily cases, he did not expect a full-scale closure in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

Oğuztürk pointed out that instead of full closure, there may be city-by-city closures depending on the increase of cases, “The Ministry of Health has given a professional approach to the provincial pandemic committees and has activated the inspection mechanisms there to be taken by that region. Of course, if there is an increase in these cases, if there is a serious increase in these cities, it may be inevitable that a process that can provide a control mechanism even for the entrance and exit to those regions.


Prof. Dr. Oğuztürk, although it entered the spring in Turkey, drawing attention to the ongoing effects of the cold weather, “when in our country, temperature levels and climatic conditions of a clear spring that entering temperature process, people still closed areas crowded create meaning in a process of pursuing Show. This is according to the version of Wuhan, the first version Unfortunately, the number of cases has increased due to the increase in the infectious properties of the new mutant viruses in our day, when the new mutant viruses have gained a dominant character. Vaccine After increasing the number of people, a more controlled process will be waiting for us with the increase in the immune mechanism against this virus. We are in a tunnel and we are trying to get out of the tunnel. There was even a light opposite. But that light should not compel us too much. Because we are still in the tunnel, “he said.


Prof. Dr. According to the data announced by the Ministry of Health, Oğuztürk stated that there are thousands of mutant viruses in more than 70 cities and said, “Positive cases with mutant viruses are coming to our hospital. Mutant virusTypes of viruses that we may encounter due to the nature of the virus. As a matter of fact, thousands of mutated viruses have been announced in the scientific world since the first case was seen on March 10. Mutations will continue again. But as a result of these ongoing mutations, whether the damage that the virus can do to us will decrease or increase, this should concern us. As of now, the most important problem in mutant viruses is the increase in the number of cases across the country and worldwide due to the increased contagiousness. In this sense, we need to strictly follow the precautions so that we minimize the possibility of going out of control, “he said.

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