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Corona virus test on mobile phone developed in France – health news

Expert team at the University of Lille in France, including researchers from Marseille, a corona virus test that can be done with a smartphone developed.

The test, which was carried out by placing a swab sample on the strip on a kind of USB device attached to the smartphone, was tested on 300 people. Explaining that the tests give 90 percent accurate results, experts announced that they plan to try the test on a thousand people in March.

The biggest advantage of the test conducted via the smartphone was that it yielded results in 10 minutes.

The test is expected to be used first in hospitals and then presented to the public.

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David Devos, a member of the scientific group, said, “The goal here is to prepare a quick-diagnosis test that we can deliver to emergency rooms very quickly in the coming weeks. The first wave of Covid-19 ended in disaster in the hospital because many people were infected unknowingly. More The next goal is to make the test available for our GPs, pharmacists and nursing homes ”.


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