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Corona virus was first detected in Brazil variant Turkey – Health News

Dean of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Flood Tükek, a description of the mutated virus in Turkey has seen.

“With the appearance of different mutants, virus recombination has created a change in fillation. Because if two different mutant viruses infect in one person, the viruses can change their genetic material and turn into a different virus. This is a situation we are afraid of. Therefore, even family members in the house should not be in the same environment without a mask, and if possible, they should stay in isolation in different rooms.


As the first year of the Corona virus pandemic in the world is behind, the new mutants of the virus are a concern. New variants emerging in England, South Africa and Brazil differ from the original version of the virus in terms of both the rate of contagion and the course of the disease. Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Flood Tükek in their own hospital, the first time a person had been identified, highlighting the Brazilian variant in Turkey, said:

“In February last year, we were alarmed by a 6-year-old feverish child case in a tourist group from China. They came to Istanbul Medical Faculty Pediatric Emergency, of course, there was a great panic, I wonder if Kovid would come out, if it did, how would it be filmed, whether it was infected with many people, etc. But thankfully Kovit was not out, he was diagnosed with Influenza B. We treated it and discharged. Now we are treating a patient that we tested for a suspected Brazilian mutation a week ago. He had suspicions at the time of the corona virus diagnosis, because the patient was in contact with Brazil. As a matter of fact, when we did their genetic tests, we found that they carried a Brazilian variant. Test result approved by Ankara. It is not very different clinically, of course. The patient did not desaturate on the 10th day, and his oxygen levels were good. His fever improved and he responded to conventional therapy. Of course, he is a young patient, in his 35-40s. If we look at this patient in particular, we did not encounter a very different course. But for the moment in Turkey’s case appears to be the only significant for the course. “


Stating that new variants should not be perceived as a different virus, Prof. Dr. Tükek used the following statements:

“The clinical signs and symptoms of Kovid-19, which we know completely, are seen. Only after 10 days as a new fillation application, the isolation will end after looking at the negativity and also the patients must be followed in a single room without contacting other positive cases. Because recombination is mentioned about viruses, if two different mutant viruses infect one person, the viruses can change the genetic materials within themselves and turn into a different virus. Of course we are afraid of such situations. That’s why we need to keep isolation of people infected with mutant viruses very tight. In our hospital, we already provide treatment in single rooms. Turkey also needs to be applied across the way in which these conditions allow hospitals. It takes a certain amount of time to detect whether there is a mutant virus or not. During this time, patients may become infected from each other. Maybe we will encounter other mutants in the future. It will be necessary to apply this algorithm in all corona virus infections. Because now 3 mutations are important, but maybe this will be 5, 6 in the future. Infection of patients with multiple viruses creates the risk of further differentiation of the disease by genome transfer. This affects the struggle against the pandemic very negatively. “


Prof. Dr. Tufan Tükek emphasized that family members who had the disease at home should be very careful because of new types of mutants and made the following warnings: “When family members are infected, they should not be together as much as possible. They should never be in the same environment without a mask just because we carry the same infection anyway. If possible, it is necessary to separate their rooms. It is necessary to pay attention to this in at least 10 days. “

Stating that the Ministry of Health is preparing PCR tests for the widespread detection of new types of mutations, Prof. Dr. Tükek said, “The ministry is in preparation for the spread of mutant virus screening tests. These kits have been distributed to many hospitals in the past week. These kits will now be used widely. “PCR tests that can look for different mutations will be put into use in almost every center within the next 1 month.”


Following the decline in cases in Turkey, the slight upward trend observed in today emphasizing that it is too early to say whether the new variant associated with Prof. Dr. Tükek ended his words as follows: “It seems like there is a rise, but if the number of cases increases from 8 thousand to 10-12 thousand, especially if the UK mutation is detected at much higher rates, we can only say that the increase depends on these mutants. South African and Brazilian strains have not been seen much in our country yet. The rate said for the British mutant was around 75 percent at the beginning, now it is stated to be around 35 percent, the rates are different in each country, there is an excessive increase. This variant is faster in terms of cell passage and infectiousness. But there is no change in terms of lethality or lethality. It is only worried that the mortality rate will increase, as its very rapid transmission will increase the risk of developing the disease in the risk group and vulnerable people. It could be watched a little heavier variant of South Africa but yet we did not observe it widely in Turkey. “


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