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Court decision gave hope to 20 thousand children with diabetes

All diabetes is an important disease in the world, also in Turkey alarming levels. There are 10 million diabetics across the country. In Turkey, the number of 20 thousand cases of children with diabetes is much more difficult. Blood sugar in children can drop and rise suddenly. Sometimes, the decrease in sugar even in the sleep of the child is life-threatening. This situation can lead to tissue and organ loss in children. In front of families, there are two ways to measure the blood sugar of their children with Type 1 diabetes. Either the child’s finger needs to be punctured, or the sugar rate can be measured automatically with the help of a device with a sensor placed under the skin. While this situation made families with low financial status brooding, Istanbul 20th Labor Court made a very important decision on February 5th.


Gözde Çuhadar Başaran and Tansel Başaran, who live in Bursa, had a child named Tuna 3 years ago. Last September, the tiny Danube was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The family, with the difficulty of taking blood on Tuna’s finger, decided to procure a medical device with a monthly expense of 3 thousand lira. However, the device, which had to be renewed every month, started to strain the family’s budget.

According to the news of Hürriyet newspaper, the Başaran couple applied to the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of the Social Security Institution before filing a lawsuit. In the application, it was requested that the cost of the device that can be bought with a prescription be paid by the institution. However, the answer was negative.


The Başaran couple applied to the Istanbul 20th Labor Court on 1 February with a request for an injunction. In the application, it was noted that there were many children in a similar situation. It was noted that many families cannot buy from the device, which costs 3 thousand lira per month. “Moreover, this expenditure is not a one-off expenditure. It has to be used for years ”. In the petition, which was recorded that no kindergarten would not accept children to school without the device in question, it was requested that the cost of the device in question was covered by the Social Security Institution (SGK) during the trial. The court made its decision 4 days after the filing of the case. Accepting the request, the court decided that the cost of the device, the brand of which is specified, will be covered by SGK.


Noting that the decision is a first, lawyer Senay Önal said, “We requested a measure because the lawsuits took a long time. Until the case was concluded, we demanded that the expenses of the family for the sensor be covered by the SGK every month. The court accepted our request and ruled that the sensor costs should be covered by the SGK throughout the trial. After this stage, the court will make a final decision by making a trial. We hope that the decision will result in a positive result and the sensor fees will be covered by the SGK for the period used by the plaintiff child. This injunction is a first in Turkey, “he said.


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