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Covid-19 experiment with 1300 people at a night club in the Netherlands

A party was held in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, to observe how the corona virus will spread in the nightclub.

Organized with the participation of 1,300 people, the party was held in a nightclub with a capacity of 17,000 people. People participating in the study had fun in the nightclub, being “exempt” from corona virus restrictions.

It was noted that the purpose of the experiment on the spread of Covid-19 was to see whether it would be possible to open nightclubs in a controlled manner in the period when the restrictions were lifted. Sam Feldt, Lady Bee and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano took part in the event as DJs.


In the experiment that took place at the nightclub, some people on the dance floor were restricted in their movements, while others were asked to wear masks during the dance, either continuously or once. Fluorescent drink was given to one part and they were asked to sing and scream in order to observe how much saliva was secreted in the most crowded party areas.


“We hope the work will help reopen the spaces,” said Tim Boersma of Fieldlab, a company that is running the government work. gave his statements. It was also stated that the participants had a test for corona virus 48 hours ago and those with negative results were included in the event.

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