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Covid-induced casualties in the USA fell to the lowest level in the last 7 months

In the USA, it has been announced that the casualties due to the corona virus have declined to the lowest level in the last seven months.

According to the news that Reuters based on the analysis of the US state and district data, it was reported that new Covid cases in the United States decreased by 16 percent last week to 409 thousand.

With this decrease in the USA, the lowest number of weekly cases has been recorded since February.

Based on the data based on April 18-25, weekly loss of life decreased by 4 percent to 4,972, the lowest weekly loss of life since October 2020.


While the state of Michigan ranked first in new cases per person, the number of new infections in the state fell 29 percent compared to the previous week.

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania states, where the highest number of cases were seen, the number of new cases decreased by more than 20 percent compared to the previous week.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 44 percent of the US population got at least one dose of corona virus vaccine, while 29 percent got two doses of vaccine.

According to Reuters analysis, it was reported that the average inpatient Covid-19 patients in hospitals across the country remained unchanged at 41 thousand levels.

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