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Covid overthrew Brazil: record loss of life was seen in March

In Brazil, the sixth most populous country in the world with a population of 212 million, the Covid-19 hurricane continues to blow hard.

According to the statement made by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, it was stated that 66 thousand 573 people from Covid-19 died in the country last March.

According to the figures from the Johns Hopkins corona virus Resource Center, 2 million 161 thousand 746 new Covid-19 cases were detected in Brazil in March.


While the Ministry of Health reported that the number of casualties was twice as high as July, when the most people died, it stated that there were more than twice the deaths of February in the previous month.

After the number of cases and casualties increased rapidly every day, most of the hospitals in the country could not serve Covid patients, and Miguel Nicolelis, the former coordinator of the pandemic response team in the northeast of Brazil, said, “We have never seen a single incident in the history of Brazil that killed so many people.”


With the approach of winter in the southern hemisphere, it is clear that Brazil is facing a ‘harsh hurricane’, and Miguel Nicolelis said, “This is a threat not only for Brazil, but for the whole world.”

While the average weekly loss of life in Brazil has increased more than four times since the beginning of the year, it peaked last week to 2,976, reaching the highest number in the world. On Wednesday, the highest number of casualties in the country was reached, with 3,869 casualties.


While underlining that the increase in recent cases in Brazil is due to a local variant of the virus known as P1, the reinfecting feature of P1, which was found to be more contagious, was effective in the number of cases and casualties.

Ethel Maciel, an epidemiologist from the Federal University of Espirito Santo, said “We are in the worst moment of the epidemic and the indicators are that April will be very bad,” and said, “The worst has not come yet.”


Covid-19 beds in intensive care units are reported to be more than 90 percent filled in 18 of Brazil’s 27 states, and it is increasing day by day in the other seven states.

According to the TV Globo news site, it was stated that at least 230 patients suspected of having Covid-19 and whose cases were confirmed in Sao Paulo this month died while waiting to be in intensive care.

“We are in a very tragic situation,” said epidemiologist Ethel Maciel of the Federal University of Espirito Santo, while some states stated that they are implementing protocols to decide which patients will receive ICU care, prioritizing those most likely to survive.


The World Health Organization also made a statement about Brazil. The organization said hospitals are trying to meet demand at the virus epicenter and Brazil is in ‘critical condition’.

World Health Organization epidemiologist Maria van Kerkhove said in a statement that some states in Brazil were in critical condition and hospitals were overwhelmed by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Van Kerkhove said, “There is indeed a very serious situation in Brazil right now, there are many states that are in critical condition,” adding that many hospital intensive care units are more than 90 percent occupied.

Brazil has become the epicenter of the pandemic, with a more contagious virus variant in circulation.

According to the Johns Hopkins corona virus Resource Center, a total of 20 million vaccines were administered in Brazil, while approximately 4 million 300 thousand people received two doses of Covid-19 vaccine, while approximately 15.7 million people received at least one dose of vaccine.

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