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Covid shoots men due to chromosome difference

Scientists have warned that deaths due to Covid-19 are higher in men than in women, and the rate of having the disease is more than half.

According to the report of Mert Inan from Milliyet, Radiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Güner Sönmez said, “Mortality rates are also 20 percent higher in men compared to women. According to the new theory and recent research, cytokines, which are the proteins of our immune system, are controlled by the X chromosome.

Females have two X chromosomes, while males have only one X chromosome. Our immune system proteins are crucial in antiviral defense. Having estrogen hormone in women also provides high antiviral activity. According to researches, congenital immunity in women is also higher than men, ”he said.

Expressing that the most important defense cells against Covid-19 are T lymphocytes, Prof. Dr. Sönmez said, “The white cells we call T lymphocytes are special action teams of the immune system. We call the specific type of T cells ‘MAIT’. MAITs are cells that capture and destroy the virus. It has been revealed that especially MAIT cells are found more in the circulatory pathways of women. “One of the reasons why men have a severe illness is that they act slowly in admission to the hospital when they have a health problem.”


Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Gökçe Demir stated that the mortality rate in men is higher than that of women and made the following warnings:

“As cardiovascular diseases are seen more in men, we see that middle age male deaths are high among those caught with Covid-19. Having double X chromosomes in women also enables more proteins in the immune system to be produced. In addition, since the estrogen hormone in women has anti-inflammatory properties, it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The so-called arguments put forward by the vaccine opponents are not correct. The issue of infertility was previously raised for measles, whooping cough and tetanus vaccines. Covid-19 disease usually targets cells lining the inner surface of the vessel. Problems arise when the veins that feed the male reproductive organ are damaged. For this reason, not the vaccine, but the disease itself affects reproduction negatively. “

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