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Covid’s worst week: the highest number of cases recorded per week in the world – Health News

Last week, it was announced that the Covid-19 pandemic has been the worst week since the day it entered our lives.

According to the news that Bloomberg based on data from Johns Hopkins University, it was announced that 5.2 million new Covid-19 cases were detected worldwide last week.

While this number is reported to be the highest number of weekly cases recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, it was reported that Covid-19 variants in India and Brazil were effective.


In the news, which was reported that the previous weekly summit of the number of Covid-19 cases was seen in mid-December, it was underlined that the number of people who died due to Covid-19 has increased by 1 million in the last 1 month.

While mentioning the injustice in the distribution of vaccines in the news, it was underlined that 40 percent of vaccines go to 27 countries with 11 percent of the world population, and it was stated that the increase in cases was due to vaccine injustice between rich and poor countries.


Reminding that the African continent has only 2 percent of the vaccine production in the world, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that while urging companies to waive patents on the vaccine formula, this would allow global manufacturers to produce vaccines much faster.

Last week, former state administrators with Nobel laureates also urged US President Joe Biden to suspend vaccine patents, stating that this is vital in order to accelerate vaccine production.

Following these calls, major pharmaceutical companies, especially Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, asked President Joe Biden to protect patents on the basis of intellectual property rights.

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