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Darknete fake vaccine passport and test result market

According to the BBC’s report, the cyber security company Check Point announced in January that the number of vaccine-related ads increased on the “darknet” internet environment after the Covid-19 vaccination started.

Since the beginning of the year, experts have detected more than 1200 Covid-19 vaccines, fake vaccine passports or fake negative test results advertisements on these virtual channels.

Stating that the prices of a dose of Covid-19 vaccines vary between $ 500 and $ 750, experts noted that fake vaccine certificates are listed at about $ 150.

Experts pointed out that the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was offered for sale at $ 500, the Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik vaccine for $ 600, and the Sinopharm vaccine for $ 750, on these sites.

It was shared that the sellers who hide their names are mostly from the USA, England, Spain, Germany, France and Russia, which are the countries that stand out with vaccine studies.

It is known that some airlines and tourism companies request a vaccine certificate from passengers within the scope of Covid-19 measures.

While the introduction of a vaccine passport application for all visitors in England came to the agenda, the news reflected in the press claimed that this application could also be used for entering public areas such as bars, restaurants and stadiums in the country.

EU officials, on the other hand, announced that the “Digital Green Card” application, which includes information about the epidemic and travel history, could be implemented.

Virtual environments, also known as “darknet”, are known as a part of the internet that is only accessed by certain browsers and special settings.

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