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Demonstration against Covid-19 vaccination obligation in France

Demonstration against Covid-19 vaccination obligation in France

While the 14th of July National Day was celebrated in France, the capital city Paris was mixed with a protest by thousands of people opposing the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine.

Immediately after the end of the 14 July National Day military parade in France, thousands of people opposing the Covid-19 vaccination requirement and the application of health cards marched, chanting slogans “Down with the dictatorship” and “Macron resign”.
The demonstrators, which riot police intervened with tear gas, clashed with the police, broke the windows of shops, banks and shops, overturned trash cans and set up barricades on the roads.
The demonstrators also set fire to garbage containers and construction equipment.
French President Emmanuel Macron, in his address to the nation on Monday evening, said that the Covid-19 vaccine is mandatory for all hospital and nursing home staff, and that the Covid-19 health card application will be expanded, making it mandatory wherever more than 50 people gather from 21 July. had expressed.
The Covid-19 health card application requires people to document that they have had the Covid-19 vaccine, or to show a positive PCR test result in the last 48 hours, or to prove that they have been sick and recovered in the last 6 months.

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