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In the essence of the application, “Gradual stretching” instead “Colored normalization” There is a different application that we can say. Although I am not an infectious diseases or public health specialist, it is a 40-year-old “medical experienceIt is very difficult to say that I joined this new application and that I can say with a heart, “Yes, it was correctly done.” Moreover, I admit, the number of experts who think like me is quite high. In short, this new application, this new strategy does not seem very convincing in its current form, it does not give confidence. As for the reasons …


In the summary of the evaluations I have received from the experts I spoke to about the final decisions, there are 5 basic questions that should be answered:

QUESTION 1: Although it is not a wrong approach to implement it on a provincial basis, the provincial-based data announced are not satisfactory enough. “Blue” or “red”or painted, that is “very low” or “Very high” in our risky provinces “How many tests are done per 1000 people per day?” and “How about the positive rates in the tests?” The answers to such questions are not clear and unambiguous. In principle, the accepted value can be used in any province, region or country. “More than 3 positivity in 100 tests” If there is a rate, it is difficult to say that the epidemic is under control. The overall figures in Turkey compels 9 percent in recent days.

QUESTION 2: There are also enormous numerical differences between cities. For example, the number of cases in Ordu is from Şırnak. “130 kat” more. Our Ministry of Health and our Scientific Committee should share with us the reasons for these unacceptable numerical differences between provinces.

QUESTION 3: “Blue”, “yellow”, “orange” or “red” Unfortunately, we do not know how many tests are performed per 1000 inhabitants per day in provinces. For example, if we go from the same example “The low number of cases in Şırnak” or “The high number of cases in the army” Could it be related to the number of daily tests administered? This question is important. Because, according to the rumors, in some provinces, tests are not conducted properly and the number of tests is kept low.

QUESTION 4: The increase in the number of cases in recent days “The matter of mutation” We do not have any information about his relationship with. “How many mutated cases are there in which province?” or “What is the role of mutations in the increase of cases?” The answers to the questions are not clear and unambiguous.

The summary is this:

We entered a new era with existing data. Our main pillar in every decision to be taken from now on in the process “NUMBERS” and these figures should be shared with the public clearly and clearly. Otherwise, we regret to state that not new waves but even tsunamis will be inevitable. It is useful for our Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee to explain the reasons for the serious differences in the number of cases between 81 provinces.

Immune or Immunity?

On the one hand, Greece “Vaccine passport” On the other hand, European Union officials “The vaccine passport issue should be resolved as soon as possible” he thinks. We know the answer to why Greece is so enthusiastic about the passport issue: It wants to fill its pouch with the tourism income it dreams of in the coming summer and close its economic deficit. On the other hand, the latest statement from the President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is: “To allow EU citizens to travel freely during the summer vacation, as soon as possible”digital green pass card‘We need to apply! “

I have some questions for Mrs. Ursula. And those questions are:


QUESTION 1: In the name of “tourist digital green passportWho will deserve this important travel certificate? Will this certificate be given only to those who are vaccinated?

QUESTION 2: Will those who are vaccinated with Sputnik V (Russian vaccine) or CoronaVac (Chinese vaccine), which is not approved by the European Union, and become immunized “like lions (!)” With the whites of their foreheads, will be exempted from this practice? As is known, the European Union has not yet approved these two vaccines.

QUESTION 3: The last question is: What will happen to those who become immunized by passing the disease, not by vaccination? And to them at the border gates “You don’t have a vaccination certificate, friend, we can’t give you an entry visa or something.”Will it be said?


If the issue is to help people who are immunized against COVID-19 disease, that is, those who have antibodies against the new coronavirus in their bodies, to travel freely – and this is true – that green-colored special digital passport that is considered to be put into practice is certain that not only those who are vaccinated but also those who have the disease deserve. Because “the main point is to be immunized against COVID-19 by being vaccinated or passing the disease”. In addition, questioning with which vaccine provided that acquired immunity would mean “ethnic discrimination in vaccination”. The summary is as follows: If such a passport is in question, the name of that passport should be “IMMUNITY PASSPORT”, not “vaccine passport”.

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