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Domestic VLP vaccine is in Phase-2 stage – Health News

Phase-2 studies of Turkey’s indigenous vaccine, VLP vaccine (virus-like particle vaccine), have started as of today.

Prof. from METU. Dr. Prof. from Bilkent University, who developed the vaccine with Mayda Gürsel. Dr. İhsan Gürsel made statements on the subject.

Stating that 330 people took part in the study in 3 different branches, Prof. Dr. İhsan Gürsel said, “The feature of the Phase-2 study is that the vaccines made so far have been designed according to the Wuhan Touch protein. We’ve included the VLP with the British variant alongside it. At the moment, we will receive the reactions of both the European variant and Wuhan from the volunteers,” he said.


İhsan Gürsel said, “We will prepare the data by mid-August, present the interim results, and apply to move on to Phase-3. We expect Phase-3 to start in September.”

Speaking about the recently spread Delta variant, Prof. Dr. Mayda Gürsel said:

“There is currently no study on the Delta virus. Because this Delta variant has not been isolated and tested by public health in Turkey yet. But we have started to work on modifying our vaccine technology for this Delta and Delta Plus. If necessary, it will be possible to produce vaccines for these variants as well.

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