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Donor is sought for Hakan Taşıyan, who should have a liver transplant

Famous singer living in Ankara Hakan Carrying, was taken to a private hospital after the illness he experienced about 1 year ago. Hakan Taşıyan was discharged after his treatment. However, Hakan Taşıyan, who became ill again 4 months ago, was treated at Gülhane Training and Research Hospital. After the examinations performed here, he was sent to Ankara City Hospital. It was determined that the Carrier, who was treated in the Oncology department of the hospital, urgently needed kidney and liver transplantation.

As a result of the samples taken from his family, it was determined that the kidney of Taşıyan’s sister could be transplanted to Hakan Taşıyan. However, it was learned that Taşıyan could not find any donor for the liver. The treatment of Taşıyan continues in the hospital.


Radio program producer Hakan Yılmaz, who gave information about Hakan Taşıyan’s latest situation, said, “We have hospital traffic for about 1 year. Hakan is currently being treated in the Oncology department of the City Hospital. Our treatment process has been continuing here for about 4 months. My brother Hakan, in certain periods. He enters the dialysis unit. There is also a great struggle with the method of draining water from the stomach to keep him stable. He is urgently waiting for a transplant due to the situation in his liver and kidney functions. We are currently waiting. They will take his kidney from his sister. Liver can be taken from people with Brh + ‘blood type. All relatives in his family were checked, but the tissue of none of them matched. He is talking to his family. There is no problem in his speech. Our hospital is very good on this issue. diagnose again and again We convey our hearts. The process is followed by world-renowned doctors. After the liver is found, I hope he will regain his health and leave this hospital. After sharing on social media, many people called us and the ministry, “he said.

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