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“Epileptic seizures are seen in those caught with Covid-19” – Health News

Head of Department of Neurology, Health Sciences University Gülhane Training and Research Hospital, Prof. Dr. Omer Karadas, corona virus He said that while it was at the forefront with the features of infection in the first place, neurological findings were observed to a great extent as time passed.

Prof. Dr. Karadaş noted that when these are classified among themselves, neurological findings emerge clearly with the bad course of the corona virus.

Prof. Dr. Karadaş said, “These neurological findings are confronted with a wide spectrum from headache to unconsciousness. epilepsy that is, there are epileptic seizures. In relation to the Corona virus, these are divided into two groups. Normally, an epilepsy patient has corona virus, in this case, what could be or is not an epilepsy patient at all, but the corona virus has been unconscious. Here, the question mark on our minds makes us think, “Is this a disorder of consciousness, blurring of consciousness, disorders in mental functions, is it a seizure?”


Prof. Dr. Noting that these seizures can be detected with neurological examinations, Karadaş said, “We saw seizures in some patients when we performed these examinations. As a result, we did not see that high when we looked at ‘whether it creates a higher epileptic seizure’ because it is a pandemic. Especially among intensive care patients, there were patients who had epileptic seizures constantly, their detection is very valuable. After detecting them, we stop these seizures for quick intervention and save the life of this person because it threatens the life. used the expressions.


Stating that the situation is different for those with epilepsy, Prof. Dr. Karadaş said, “Epilepsy seizures may be seizures in a limited way, the person may not answer your question when you come across them, they may come up with seizures that we call bigger seizures than swallowing, licking, meaningless movements, correcting the body. Both epilepsy patients and epilepsy. It should be kept in mind that patients who are caught with corona virus without a patient have confusion and may have epileptic seizures if there are some changes in their mental functions.


Prof. Dr. Stating that they have been examining epilepsy patients for years, Karadaş said, “Some of the epilepsy patients, who were under our follow-up, had corona virus during this period. As a result of our observations and examinations, we did not see a serious increase in seizures associated with the corona virus. In this period, these patients should take the treatment with the corona virus quickly. There are some medications and supportive treatments we give for the corona virus. We recommend using drugs that will not interact with them first, without seizures or if they do, we can control them more easily and fix the patient. said.

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