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European Medicines Agency: EU vaccines appear effective against Indian variant – Health News

European Medicines Agency (EMA) officials held a press conference about the Covid-19 outbreak and vaccinations, providing information about the latest situation.

Marco Cavaleri, responsible for EMA’s vaccination strategy, said that they continue to analyze data on variants, FROM at least of the vaccines used in mRNA vaccinations ” Indian variantHe said they saw that it was effective against.

Cavaleri, stating that these vaccines will provide sufficient protection against the variant, “We think that viral vector vaccines will also be effective. AstraZeneca “We hope to get more evidence from real-time data in India where the vaccine was used.”

Emphasizing that they can fully understand how effective the AstraZeneca vaccine is against the Indian variant, Cavaleri said, “In general, we believe that vaccines will be effective against this variant.” he spoke.

Among the vaccines approved by the EMA and used within the EU BioNTech-Pfizer Those developed by are known to be based on mRNA. Covid-19 vaccines developed by Johnson and Johnson company and Oxford University and AstraZeneca are defined as viral vector vaccines.


Cavaleri answered the question as to whether the third dose of the vaccine administered in two doses will be necessary and when to give it if necessary. said.

For this reason, Cavaleri emphasized that they continue to examine the data on how and how long the antibodies formed in the body lose their effect after the vaccine is applied, and after sufficient evidence is collected, it can be decided whether to use a traditional “booster” third dose or the vaccines re-developed according to the variants.

“It’s too early to say anything about it right now. We need to be careful in making a conclusion about the timing of the booster dose,” Cavaleri said. used the expression.

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