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Experts warn: Do not be complacent when you go on summer vacation

Experts warned: Do not be complacent when you go on summer vacation

prof. Dr. Serdar Öztora warned those who go on summer vacation to stay away from the crowds and to comply with the determined pandemic rules.

Trakya University (TU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine Lecturer Prof. Dr. Öztora said that human densities can occur in holiday areas, so citizens should meticulously comply with the corona virus (Covid-19) measures determined by the Ministry of Health. Reminding that some measures were relaxed with the success achieved in the fight against the epidemic, Öztora emphasized that it is important that this relaxation does not lead to complacency.
Stating that people started to tend to holiday areas with the effect of hot weather, Öztora said, “People will naturally try to meet their holiday needs. But please continue to comply with the measures. Compliance with the determined measures is very important. For example, if you are going to enter the pool, you should avoid very crowded pools. Staying away from crowds is still the most valid method ” said.
Öztora stated that those who go on vacation should follow the rules and exhibit behaviors that do not put themselves and others at risk.
“If everyone sits far from each other on a beach, they may not need to wear masks in the open air if there is at least 2-3 meters of distance. People will of course have their holidays. Someone around you can spoil your holiday or you can poison someone else’s holiday. It would be best for us to treat people with respect.”
Öztora also drew attention to the importance of complying with the mask rule when in closed environments: “When they enter closed restaurants, when they use closed parts of hotels, they must continue to comply with all the precautions as before. Otherwise, it is possible that we will encounter an increase in cases again.”

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