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Experts warned: There are wrong suggestions, no criteria for vaccine choice – Health News

Chinese Sinovac company vaccine Coronavac, followed by Pfizer and BioNTech With the arrival of the vaccine developed in partnership with the company, a choice began to be offered to those who had a vaccine appointment.

This situation, Vaccine Those who were going to get it done gave rise to question marks about their choice. Society Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi ILH, both vaccines also stated that more than 80 percent of the retention rate “should be recognized that both are highly effective, side effects, are very similar. Percent by Sinovac the work done in Turkey 83, biontech dormitory According to the study, it protects around 90 percent. Being vaccinated does not prevent the transmission. If the person is sick, it prevents him from having a serious illness. Citizens should choose one of the vaccines in the system when it is their turn to vaccinate. It is entirely up to the citizens’ wishes. It was published on the website of the Ministry, there is no such thing as’ let these people get this vaccine ‘or’ get this vaccine ‘for the society. The most common side effects for both vaccines are in the place where the vaccine is made. When we look in terms of flushing, pain and systemic side effects, the most allergic reaction can be seen after both vaccines, “he said.


Infectious Diseases Association President Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan also said that it is nice to give people the right to choose vaccines; but he said it could also cause confusion.

Ceyhan said, “In order for the right to choose to give positive results, people must have a certain knowledge about vaccines and about the epidemic. It is necessary to look at the data such as ‘There is this difference between vaccines, there is this difference’. In fact, when we look at ‘efficacy’, it is extremely important to compare the two vaccines. In order to make such a comparison, it is necessary to make and compare two vaccines to different groups in the same society at the same time and under the same conditions. No such study has been conducted. “The vaccines are reliable, there are no serious side effects. People will make a decision using this information.


Prof. Dr. Ceyhan pointed out that there are wrong suggestions arising from physicians about the choice of vaccination, “There are some wrong suggestions from physicians. Different groups should be given different vaccines,” if you are in this age group, do this, “” If you have this disease, there is absolutely no such thing. ” “Until Biontech came, we made Sinovac for everyone. Therefore, there is no such thing as choosing different vaccines in different groups. If they can get the vaccine, it can be BioNTech or Sinovac.”


Prof. Dr. Emphasizing that the issue of allergy to vaccines is also misunderstood, Ceyhan said, “People against any food or drug in any life period. allergies If you take into account, one third of the society already has this allergy story. This is not what is meant here. What we mean here is that if there is an event that is seen one in a million and if there is an allergy, it is not done. This is also something people are not aware of most of the time. Against any substance in the vaccine anafilaksi it is not in the stories of most people, it is learned there for the first time. If there is such a suspicion, people should spend the first 30 minutes in health centers; because more than 90 percent of them come out in the first 30 minutes, “he said.

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