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Fast Covid-19 tests started to be sold in pharmacies in Belgium

With the decision of the Belgian government within the scope of the test strategy to monitor and prevent the spread of the virus, rapid tests can be sold in pharmacies.

These tests are expected to be useful in the detection of cases in addition to the PCR tests and rapid antigen tests previously applied by health institutions.

The Belgian government does not lean on previous requests to allow such tests to be sold in pharmacies as well as in supermarkets as in Germany.

“This is not a good idea,” said Herman Goossens, the government’s officer in charge of testing, “Self-tests are not confectionery. We will have a better chance of explaining how to use these tests, as they are sold in pharmacies.” said.


In the first stage, the tests produced by the two companies were offered for sale. It is reported that the price of the tests will be 8 euros. It is stated that insurance companies will meet a significant part of this amount. It is noted that everyone will be allowed to buy a maximum of two test kits a week.

If the reliability of the tests is not as high as those performed in health institutions, it is requested to apply to a health institution if a positive result is obtained. In the case of negative results, it is emphasized that it is important for people to continue to act cautiously.

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