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First in Turkey: The definitive solution in the treatment of blood incompatibility – Health News

Assoc. Dr. Kütük said, “In our study, we detected the level of fetal maternal bleeding with the Kleihauer-Betke test for the first time in Turkey. In 2 percent of the pregnant women, we saw that this bleeding was above the amount we had predicted, and more interestingly, there were no symptoms in the clinical course of these pregnant women. If we did not use this method, two out of 100 mothers would go home with missing doses, and in their next pregnancies, we would encounter a situation that we call immunization, in simpler terms, where the mother’s immune system fights the baby’s blood cells. This is not an easy condition to treat,” he said.


Stating that it would be very easy for this measurement to become widespread in Turkey with the Flow Cytometry technique, Assoc. Dr. Kütük concluded his speech as follows:

“Flow Sitometri, Kleihauer-Betke’den a more practical method. But so far, no one has done this in our country. Maybe with this work of ours, it will be used routinely and activate other centers as well. Perinatal mortality is a very important parameter in terms of showing the development level of a country. In a country where perinatal mortality is expressed in fractions of 100,000, it is extremely important to prevent 1-2 percent infant loss. In other words, it can move our country up 8-10 places in a moment in this regard. We think that our project will mobilize the entire scientific community in this sense as well.”

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