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First results of Phase-2 in domestic vaccine – health news

Vaccine in Erciyes University within the Research and Development Center (ERAG I) and Good Clinical Practice and Research Center (IC I) by corona developed and the Ministry of Health against the virus Turkey Institutes of Health Presidency (TÜSEB) supported Covidien-19 domestic vaccineAfter the Phase-1 study of the class, the volunteer application in Phase-2 was completed.

The reporting process regarding the application carried out on 250 volunteers continues. Prof. Dr. Orhan Yıldız, stating that the vaccinated volunteers were evaluated comprehensively, “After the vaccination, the volunteers need to be followed for 2-3 weeks. Will there be any side effects in these people? What will be the effect on those vaccinated? All of them need to be evaluated as a whole. Do-2“We can finish the evaluation of Eid al-Fitr or a little earlier,” he said.


Prof. Dr. Orhan Yıldız, noting that the vaccinated volunteers are being followed, “After the vaccination process is over, we call the volunteers on the phone and follow them ‘Do they have problems? It is followed weekly and then monthly.About 100 parameters are examined in Phase-1 and Phase-2 volunteers.These parameters are highly probable findings that the vaccine may affect. “Even if the Phase-2 report is completed and the Phase-3 period is completed, we continue to look for volunteers. In the examinations so far, we see the classic side effects we have seen in the Chinese vaccine in the local vaccine; pain, redness and swelling can occur in the place where the vaccine is applied,” he said.

Prof. Dr. Yıldız emphasized that the university has transferred the rights of the vaccine to the Ministry of Health and said, “Many vaccine centers will be included in the study in the Phase-3 study. If there is a connection from abroad, an international Phase-3 study will start,” he said.

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