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Fraud case against the so-called drug inventor

According to the information in the case file opened at the Istanbul Criminal Court of First Instance, Erdal Can A. (35), a while ago, M.Ş. He rented a mansion flat in Yeniköy owned by his wife. The parties agreed on a monthly rental fee of 12 thousand dollars. The lease was made on behalf of a company of A. Another company of A. has become a guarantor. A., after moving to the place in question, there was a problem with rent payments.

He hasn’t paid not even a lira

When the negotiations between the parties were inconclusive, execution proceedings were made for the unpaid rental fee of nearly 100 thousand dollars. On the other hand, a lawsuit was filed for the release of Erdal Can A. A. objected to the enforcement proceedings. M. Ş.’s lawyer also filed a criminal complaint against A. at the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the news of Hürriyet newspaper, in the prosecution’s criminal complaint, it was claimed that A rented luxury villas or mansions for show but did not pay anywhere. In the petition, it was stated that “the suspect did not pay even 1 lira despite staying in the mansion of the clients for months”. In the petition of the Prosecutor’s Office, it was noted that when the addresses of nearly 10 companies registered in the name of A. were visited, the mentioned addresses were found to be empty.


Statement of Erdal Can A. was also taken within the scope of the prosecutor’s investigation. Stating that he could not make the payment due to the financial problems he experienced in his statement, “I sold Mas Holding to the Russians in mid-2018 due to my debts. “When I could not get my receivable from these persons, my financial situation deteriorated even more,” he said.

After the investigation, Prosecutor Ömer Porgali filed a lawsuit against A. with a request of imprisonment from 1 to 5 years. In the indictment prepared on the charge of ‘fraud’, briefly, “The suspect rented a flat for a high fee. There are other people’s complaints on this matter. The suspect introduced himself as a wealthy company owner, ”the statement said. The indictment prepared was accepted at the Istanbul 17th Criminal Court of First Instance.


Speaking to Hürriyet newspaper regarding the lawsuit, Erdal Can A.’s lawyer said, “Although a lawsuit has been filed against the client with the allegation of fraud, the basis of the allegations is that the immovable property belonging to the complainants will be rented. Therefore, this is a legal dispute and the fraud crime does not have legal elements. We would like to state that we will file a criminal complaint about the complainants, “he said.

On the other hand, Erdal Can A., who claims to have patents of 422 drugs, introduces himself as ‘inventor or biologist’ in many places. According to the case file, Erdal Can A. is a high school graduate.


It was determined that a similar complaint about Erdal Can A. was made by academic member AK. When AK could not get the lease from A., who rented the mansion flat, it became another name that followed the prosecutor’s office. It was understood that a person named BA also filed a criminal complaint against A. Claiming that he gave a total of 1 million 230 thousand liras to A., BA claimed that the bills he received were not paid in return for the money he gave. On the other hand, Erdal Can A. filed a complaint against BA on the grounds that he was threatening him.

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