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From “open relationship” to “co-dependence”, scientists have identified 5 types of relationships between cats and humans: How do you relate to cats?

In this type of relationship, as in the co-dependent relationship, the owner has a regular emotional relationship with the cat: he worries about the cat, he sees it as a good friend or part of the family. It also creates time to play with the cat. In response, the cat behaves very warmly and friendly towards its owner, sitting on his lap, licking his hand and face. It sees its owner not only as part of the same social group, but also as a safe base.

However, cats that prefer to be friends with their owners establish good relationships with others, unlike a codependent relationship. He welcomes visitors to the house and even visits some neighbors. In addition to the friendly and warm relationship, the cat and its owner continue to live happily independently.

According to the researchers, these cats like to be close to their owners, but do not feel the need to maintain physical closeness to their owner. Separation is not a problem. This type of relationship is more common in busy homes with more than one cat, and cats are allowed outside most of the time.

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