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German scientist: Covid-19 will become a seasonal epidemic by next winter – Health News

On the other hand, Drosten stated that the main topics of discussion in the coming months will be to vaccinate children and to measure how quickly the vaccinated lose their immunity, adding, “Older people who probably don’t respond so strongly to the vaccine will show a clear immune loss after half or a year, while young people are unlikely to do so. unlikely,” he said.

Drosten also said that by autumn, he expects to see a clearer picture of escape variants as the population’s immune status will be more heterogeneous.

Currently all eyes are on the Delta variant, which was discovered in India and spread rapidly in the UK but currently accounts for only 2 percent of new cases in Germany. Drosten said he expects the variant to become more prominent in Germany in a few weeks, but not as dominantly as in the UK.

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