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Google is developing a device that will increase hearing

An extraordinary project of the X lab, which operates within Alphabet and designs wearable products, has emerged. With the project called Wolverine, a study is carried out that will affect the human sense.

It was learned that Alphabet, which also owns Google, is working on a device that will strengthen its hearing.

According to the information leaked to Insider, the competence of the hearing will rise to a higher level with the device that will enter the ear.

It was stated that the working team is currently in the stage of isolating external sounds. So with Wolverine headphones, it will be possible to focus on the voice of someone in the crowd.

In the news, which stated that the device was designed several times, it was claimed that employees from companies working in similar fields such as “Starkey Hearing Technologies” and “Eargo” were also transferred to Alphabet.

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