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Government bill of Covid-19 treatment is 3.7 billion TL

Departing from all over the world under the influence of China and Turkey officially announced on March 11, 2020 the first case of the outbreak of Covidien-19 treatment was calculated an annual bill paid by the state.

According to Milliyet’s report, the results of the “Economic Burden of Covid-19 Treatment” research conducted by Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa, Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine and Başkent University Faculty of Health Sciences were shared with the public.

Accordingly, Covidien-19 of Turkey’s 12-month total health economic burden of disease was now 3.7 billion pounds. It was emphasized that this calculation was made only on the treatment expenses paid by the state, private health insurance payments or the money out of the pockets of the individuals were not included in this.

Head of Department of Infectious Diseases, Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty. Dr. Fehmi Tabak and Başkent University Faculty of Health Sciences Dean Prof. Dr. The research conducted by Simten Malhan, based on the actual data of one thousand 56 Covid-19 patients who were treated at the Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Hospital between March 16 and July 31, 2020, the patient data announced by the Ministry of Health and the test, diagnosis, treatment expenses were evaluated.

According to the study, it is estimated that the total treatment cost of patients receiving inpatient and outpatient treatment due to Covid-19 constitutes 2 percent in state health expenditures and 3.8 percent in SSI health expenditures.


Prof. Dr. Simten Malhan stated that only direct medical costs such as testing, diagnosis, treatment and medication were taken into consideration while conducting the research and said:

“The disease also causes many indirect costs. Death, disability and loss of labor costs … This is also the Covidien-19 Given the economic burden on the health sector in Turkey will be seen that a lot more. “


-The cost of outpatient treatment is 405 lira per patient, a total of 900 million lira for a year.

– The cost of inpatient treatment is 10 thousand lira per patient, a total of 2.5 billion lira per year.

– Of 1056 patients whose data were evaluated in the study, the rate of those who only completed health service in the ward was 84.6 percent, and the rate of those in intensive care was 15.4 percent.

– The disease severity of the patients who applied to the hospital was asymptomatic 5.9 percent, mild 17 percent, moderate 41.2 percent and severe 36 percent.

– It was observed that moderate patients stayed in the hospital for an average of 8.6 days, and this period extended up to 51 days. The average cost of a moderate patient was calculated as 8,791 Turkish lira.

-The average number of days of hospitalization of the patients with severe disease was 10.8 days. The intensive care treatment period of these patients extended up to 93 days. The average patient cost of these patients was calculated as 13.406 TL.

– The average number of days of hospitalization for severe patients who received intensive care along with oxygen therapy was 17.3 days. The average patient cost of these patients was calculated as 30,257 TL.


Prof. Dr. Fehmi Tabak stated that the vaccination studies are continuing and when asked her estimation about when she will return to normal life, she said:

“Turkey is one of the countries best vaccination. On the other hand, the disease is spreading through contamination. Vaccination in Turkey reached 10 million currently. We are now in the period when a fight does not count as a fist. If we reach 30 million vaccinations in May-June, we will relax a little more in July-August. “

Stating that drug development studies are also continuing, Prof. Dr. Tabak said, “10 studies are being carried out only in Cerrahpaşa. But there is no cure that goes beyond symptom reduction, ”he said.

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